How to install quartz stone countertops in kitchen?

For kitchen decoration, everyone recommends quartz stone countertops.

Quartz stone is a kind of stone that is artificially synthesized from quartz crystals. Because the main material is quartz sand, quartz stone itself has high density, high hardness and is not easy to scratch. To know more about quartz countertops, belowing links would be helpful.The same permeability and Water absorption is relatively poor.

Kitchen decoration

The good performance of quartz stone has become the first in modern kitchen and is highly sought after by people. So, how to install the cabinet quartz stone countertop? What are the precautions for the installation of quartz stone countertops?

Processes to install quartz countertops

kitchen decoration
  1. Check the installation site

    Do a good job of inspection before installation. You must carefully check the flatness of the cabinets and base cabinets, and check whether there is no error in the size of the countertop and the site. If there is an error, you must adjust it in time, and do not start the installation at the beginning.

  2. Seam

    When measuring the depth of the cabinet, a 3-5mm gap needs to be reserved between the countertop and the wall. The main purpose of leaving the gap is to prevent the back surface and the cabinet from expanding due to thermal expansion and contraction. Glue on.

  3. Install the sink

    When installing the sink, partially trim the quartz stone countertop and the retaining water on the countertop in advance, and then tap to check whether it is suspended. For small suspension in some places, you can add some glass glue to the back and bottom of the stone. filling.

  4. Splicing countertops

    When splicing some super-long countertops (such as L-shaped countertops), in order to ensure the flatness of the spliced countertops and the tightness of the joints, it is recommended to use strong fixing clips (A clip, F clip) to fix the quartz stone plate.

    In addition, when gluing the lower hanging strip, it is also necessary to use a strong fixing clip to fix it to ensure the perfect combination of the table top splicing and the gap between the table top and the bottom hanging strip.

  5. Handling gaps

    After the countertop is installed, deal with the gaps. The treatment of the gap cannot be ignored. In order to make the installation effect better, you can use a strong glass clip to clamp the table to squeeze the gap. In addition, you must clean the gap and do not leave some dirt that will affect future use.

  6. Waterproof treatment

    Since water is often used in daily cooking, waterproof work must be done in place. In this part, you can evenly apply some glue for color matching on the bottom of the water retaining strip of the cabinet, and stick the water retaining strips together one by one. It is not recommended to use colloids such as marble glue.

Necessary precautions while quartz coutertop installation

  1. Cutting

    In the installation of countertops, try to avoid large-scale cutting and opening of quartz stone at the construction site. On the one hand, it is to prevent cutting dust from polluting the construction site, and on the other hand, to prevent errors caused by inaccurate cutting.

  2. Hole

    When designing the opening position of the cooktop, the opening position of the countertop should be greater than or equal to 8 cm from the edge of the countertop to prevent cracking of the surface of the countertop. Then use a gong machine or a hand grinder to polish and trim the edges to achieve a smooth effect. The radius of the four corners is basically uniform. Due to the opening of the jig saw and the cutting machine, there are sawtooth marks around the cut holes and even cracks remain, which is easy to cause opening. Cracks in the hole.

  3. Glue

    Quartz stone is generally installed by splicing. When choosing a splicing position, try to avoid corners and furnace mouths. Due to the characteristics of thermal expansion and contraction of quartz stone, if it is close to the fire or the corner, cracking may occur.

  4. Processing

    Due to the high hardness and high density of quartz stone countertops, the processing technology requirements are high. Therefore, for the installation of quartz stone countertops, you should contact a professional quartz stone installation master, and use professional tools for installation. You must not blindly install it yourself to avoid unnecessary trouble.