What is prefab quartz countertops?

Prefab countertops, or well known as prefabricated countertops, is popular in the market now. However people offen get confused about it. So what is prefab quartz countertops?

In a brief, prefab means the quartz countertops come with almost finished status to fit the project design. Because when you are running a residential or commercial project, you will need engineer & workers to cut and install the quartz slab.

You can take prefab quartz countertops as standard countertops, which have desired color, dimensions, suface treatment and even more to fit your project. Further cut is not necessary after prefab countertops manufacturing, these countertops products could be installed immediately when they arrive the job site.

GL Top Stone Co., Ltd. is manufacturing and exporting high quality prefab quartz countertops from Thailand, you are always welcome to contact us to get abundant prefab countertop styles for free.

Differences between quartz prefab countertop and slab

Quartz slab is the raw quartz plate to fabricate quartz prefab countertop. Actually they are made of same material, at GL Top Stone Co., Ltd. Thailand factory, our prefab quartz countertop and slab products have almost same quality and performance.

However, there are some differences too.

  1. Product Dimensions

    As mentioned aboving, the dimensions of quartz prefab countertops is different. Normally, most of our quartz slab shipments are regular slab sizes, which are 3200x1600 mm(126“x 63"),3000x1400 mm(120“x 55")and 3500x2000 (138"x 79"). The 3500x2000 (138"x 79") quartz slab also called 'Jumbo slab'.

    By contraries, prefab quartz countertops are cut at our factory and have more dimensions, which are suitable for various projects needs.

  2. Saving Time

    Because prefabricated quartz countertops have been through a lot of treatments at factory, these are nearly final products. That's say clients only need to unpack the countertops at site, and then install them at once if necessary.

    Besides, prefab quartz countertops have better chance in stock, you need less time for shipment.

  3. Saving Cost

    You do not need additional labor and time to process the quartz slabs, this could greatly reduce the cost. Don't forget waste & defective may happen while cut or polish the quartz slab by your own, this part is prefab quartz countertops could save for you. Prefab prices also different with quartz slab prices.

  4. Easier Installation

    Prefab quartz countertops, oh you just install it. Trust me, the installation will be much more easier than quartz slabs.

The bottom line

Whether you should use prefab quartz countertops or quartz slab? This question may be obsession for some people. But as an expert like you, assess the project and answer what you want will lead to the right choice.

If you need more flexible, and you have personalized design, or you have enough budget and time, quartz slab will be your best choice. Otherwise, prefab quartz countertops is a saver.