Thai quartz vanity tops supplier Calacatta Laza Gold, GL012

Made in Thailand, Warehouse in USA
Suitable for residential & commercial countertops
Size customization available
Natual quartz stone
Production capacity 50,000 square meters per month
Model Number

Product Speficications

Calacatta Laza Gold is a surpising calacatta quartz. Warm white quartz background with the honorable gold veins, Calacatta is efficient.
From the regular wood-style furniture to the morden design decoration, the gold veins calacatta laza quartz is perfect adapte.

Compared with the classica calacatta white quartz, the Calacatta Laza gold quatz is refreshing our first impression of quartz countertop.
Calacatta Laza with gold veining is presenting the irresistible charm from Calacatta quartz.


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