3500x2000mm(138“x 79") is a popular dimensions for the quartz slab, which is also called jumbo slab. GL Top Stone Co., Ltd. runs production lines in our Thai quartz factory to produce extra large quartz slabs, the clients could find the jumb slabs products in our warehouse in California too. For more information, please feel free to contact info@thailandquartzstone.com or call us.


Mega Slab

Jumbo slab has a larger size than other slabs, the feature makes the mega size quartz slab suitable for special design, such as a big size kitchen. 

To handle jumbo slab, you will need sophiscated team and enough space to put it in.

thai jumbo slab

Higher Price

The price of jumbo slab is higher, because of special manufacturing process, more materials for fabrication and more cost for transportation. However, jumbo slabs are worth every cent.

thai jumbo slab